LG 47LA620V Cinema 3D Smart LED TV LG47LA620V


TVs are not what they used to be. They are sleeker, more complex and promise a more immersive viewer experience than ever before. In a market flooded with substandard products however, it is critical to distinguish between what really works and what doesn’t. This LG 47LA620V tv review shows how one tv has created a spot for itself among TV sets that promise the most current cutting edge technology without breaking the bank. Great viewing angles, stunning high definition visuals, and top of the range design are some of the distinctions that set it above competitors in its size and price range.

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Being a smart TV

The LG is a connectivity galore. RCA and composite components, three HDMI ports, three USB ports, scart and PC inputs ensure that this 47 inch LED TV can handle a wide range of signal sources without the need of expensive adapters. Being a smart TV, free view Wi-Fi connectivity eliminates the clutter of cables by allowing host of devices to connect and stream signals wirelessly to and from the set. It also opens up the world to you by allowing fast Internet connectivity that is utilized by a wide array of apps to provide a truly unlimited entertainment center.surfing the web, social networking and high definition video streaming on-demand will always be within your reach thanks to the numerous resourceful apps available in the LG App Store.The Web-Kit browser renders web pages beautifully.

LG 47LA620V 47-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV

The LG’s DLNA and NFC connectivity allows multiple simultaneous connections With different devices ranging from Blu-ray players, smart phones, digital cameras and computers turning your home into an all-inclusive entertainment hub. The massive 47 inch led wide-screen supports full 1080P resolution content meaning image and video reproduction is vivid and lifelike at its 1920 x 1080p screen resolution. It offers unrivaled flicker free 3D playback that can be enjoyed via the four pairs of 3D glasses that come with the set. LG 47LA620V 47-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV

On the hardware front, the LG fronts a powerful duo core processor that ensures apps, menus and user inputs are always lag free and don’t degrade the user experience. The unit works a built-in HD tuner that allows you to watch free to air TV in high definition detail. Unlike most smart TVs, menus and settings are easy to navigate and the built-in apps are easy to use once you setup the Internet connection. Sound reproduction is excellent thanks to the virtual surround plus technology that renders every soft whisper and thumping explosion in excruciating detail. It also ensures that there is no audio distortion at high volume.

The design is Sleek

The design is sleek and polished featuring a thin bezel that frames the screen excellently without obstruction.a Polished stainless steel band contrasts beautifully with the black of the screen furthering the already apparent aesthetic appeal of its compact design. You can use the accompanying table stand or use a wall Mount for the tv. Power consumption is low at just 64 watts. An aspect worth noting in this LG 47LA620V tv review are its compact dimensions of 1076 x 626 x 79.4 mm (W x D x H) and a weight of just 15.6 kg Making the movement of this TV a breeze.

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