LG 55LA620V 55 inch Cinema 3D Smart LED TV LG55LA620V


Televisions are the most important parts of every home these days. There are a large number of TV companies which are manufacturing different varieties of TVs these days. In earlier days, the TVs were of CRT type, which had a doom behind them and also they used a lot of power for running. Nowadays LCD, LED as well as plasma screen TVs have become famous all over the world. Now let us see an important TV, namely LG 55LA620V 3d LED TV which has been regarded as one of the best TVs in the world.

Features of LG 55LA620V 3D LED TV:

· This new TV has been described as a wonderful gateway to a new world. When you see movies in this TV, you feel like being lost in some fairy world.

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· You will see very bright and also clear 3D images in this TV. This screen is completely flickering free and also your eyes will not be strained even after you stare into the screen for many hours continuously.

· You will get an immersive viewing experience with this TV.

· Free view HD screen is the most important feature of this TV. The stunning quality of the pictures which are seen in this TV is the eye catching features of these wonderful new model TVs.

· As high standard Wi-Fi facility is provided with this LG55LA620V 3D LED TV, you will enjoy greater connectivity of the internet and that will help you to enjoy a lot. LG 55LA620V LG55LA620V 55-inch Cinema 3D Smart LED TV

· This TV is available for purchase, available at a cost of about 1399 pounds. Compared to some of the old model TVs, this is very cheap as well as affordable by everyone.

· In order to ensure a very fast as well as quick process of operation, a fats hard core dual core processer is provided with the system.

· Along with all the above features, one more advantage of this TV is that it is provided with sound zooming facility for its 3D movies.


· Screen size is 55″, which ensures very high quality as well as very good and attractive pictures.

· Screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels which work out for providing world class motion pictures.

· Headphone socket is also provided with this TV and also you can listen to music as well as movies with the help of this headphone if you want privacy while watching movies.

· Weight of this TV is a little over 27.4 kg.

· Three USB ports are provided with this TV which is yet another unique feature of this TV.

· Screen format is a 16:9 widescreen format which is comfortable for the viewers.

· Audio quality is also very good. 12w+12w 3d sound zooming facility is provided with this TV.

· This TV is a DNLA certified TV and hence it is regarded as one of the best TV sets available today.

All these features ensure that this is in fact one of the best TVs available in the world today and also LG 55LA620V 3d LED really worth the amount you have paid for it.

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