LG47LA6900/LG50LA6900/LG60LA6900 Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz Smart HDTV


When I was looking for an exceptional TV, I found an excellent Smart TV, LG Electronics LG LA6900 product numbers are LG47LA6900/LG50LA6900/LG60LA6900. This TV is absolutely incredible when I look at its features as they are completely mesmerizing the onlooker. Every feature is impeccable to see and work. The wide screen with 3D technology is rocking my house every day. The overall appearance of the TV takes one to heaven due to its stunning look. I can say this TV has got the best look than the earlier sets that I had in my house. Not only the appearance, the world class features of the TV are fantastic viz the dual core processor, picture quality, sound speaker.

LG47LA6900 47-Inch Cinema Screen Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV
LG50LA6900 50-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED HDTVSee Latest Price
LG55LA6900 55-Inch Cinema Screen Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TVSee Latest Price

LG’s LA6900 is a true entertainer

The TV has exceptional working features and is user friendly on the whole. The LG Electronics LA6900 TV’s logo which is LED lit is in off condition at the time when TV is switched off. The quality of the picture is not the same which you see in your ordinary TV’s but brilliant as it gives you the finest look ever. You can imagine as if the picture is live before you. The sound quality is fabulous with 3D feature and we need not worry about the clouding problems with this TV. The LG Company has taken special interest in sound system to keep customers intact ever. The sound system feature IMHO of speakers make the programs entirely interesting than before. You can feel the difference with this TV if you buy like me. LG47LA6900/LG50LA6900/LG60LA6900 Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz Smart HDTV

Four pairs of battery 3D classes are another distinguished feature of this device to the customer as I am enjoying daily. So, all types of programs viz cinemas, games and other shows are seen with these glasses. The TruMotion technology gives you the super thrilling experience whenever you look at the TV for various shows. Hence, my entertainment feature is assured by this TV without any hassle.

LG’s intuitive Magic Remote

The most wonderful advantage of this TV is its lightweight feature that is excellent. Most famous social networking sites like Amazon, facebook, Netflix and Youtube are accessed from this TV in an easy way. These features make me to stick on with the TV for most of the time. We can watch our favorite programs or sites at ease without any hassle due to Magic remote device. Other hair raising features of the TV are On Now, Built-In-Wi-Fi, game world, and 3D features.

I am happy to have this TV in my house due to its energy saving technique in both modes. So, we can save our money and energy thereby helping both country and our economy. The exclusive advantage of this TV is cheap price which we need.

However, there are some minor issues with this TV that are not so tough to compromise. The OS feature is somewhat disturbing me when I use some options in the TV. Asides this issues, other electrifying features of the TV are lingering in my mind ever. Based on my own experience with this LG Electronics LA6900 TV I am happy to recommend to everyone as I am entirely satisfied.

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