Sony KDL32R400A 32 inch R400 Series LED HDTV KDL-32R400A


Sony has been producing great televisions for years now, making them a leader in this category. This, however, has not stopped them to improve. They continue to launch new models to offer something new or better to the market. This 2013 expect a line of new models, one of which is the Sony KDL-32R400A TV.

Great Picture Quality

Expect crisp images from the Sony KDL-32R400A TV. It gives pictures of deep black levels and great contrast, which makes it almost comparable to expensive plasma versions. Even with a 720p screen, it will deliver optimum picture quality for its size. You will enjoy watching all forms of shows, from sports events to movies and HD broadcasts.

This model produces real-life colors and movements so watching a baseball game at home would feel like you are actually there at the stands. Sony’s Motionflow XR120 technology prevents stutters in fast-paced motions. Enjoy the smoothest movement even in the fastest action movie or show. sony KDL-32R400A

Further, it offers a wide viewing angle. Even if you watch from the sides, you will get the same pristine picture quality and rich colors.

Space-saving Design

The Sony KDL32R400 TV has a dimension of 6.5 x 28.9 x 18.2 inches and it weighs only 11.1 pounds. Finding a place for it in your home or office will not be a problem at all, especially since it can also be wall-mounted. LED has made it possible to produce slim TVs and Sony continues to bank on this. Most consumers are getting rid of their bulky televisions in favor of slim ones to save on space in their small offices, bedrooms, and living rooms.


Televisions nowadays are not just for watching TV shows or DVDs. Technology has enabled the connectivity of other devices for straight viewing on your TV screen.

The Sony KDL32R400A TV has a USB port so you can directly plug in a USB cable straight to your camera, mp3 player, and other compatible devices. View videos or pictures straight at your TV screen to fully enjoy them with your family and friends. You may also listen to your favorite tunes on the TVs powerful sounds.

If you have an NFC compatible phone, you can also connect it with this television to mirror what is on your phone’s screen.

This model has 4 HD inputs, allowing you to connect your cable, movie player, computer, home theater system or gaming device.

Listen to Your Local Radio Station

Another great feature of the KDL-32R400A is its ability to receive signals from your favorite FM stations. You can save at most 30 stations and take control of listening to them using the TV’s remote control.

Competitive Cost

The great thing about the booming popularity of LCD/LED TV is it offers the consumers better options. It used to be that having a tiny budget would only allow consumers to buy a substandard model, with skewed colors and unrefined image quality. Today, the healthy competition among manufacturers has made owning a great TV very affordable. Sony does not disappoint in this model. Even if this does not lead the pack of their 2013 offers, it does give great value for its money. Sony was able to keep its price very reasonable without sacrificing image quality. Therefore, the lucky buyer can take home a TV with a very reliable brand on it without burning his pocket.

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